Product instructions and ingredients

Glow Sign


Watch out for overheating or if you notice any electrical problems. Examine and check if there are any leaks, cracks or breaks in the Glow Sign. If the sign leaks is an enclosed space it can lead to suffocation. Also beware of symptoms of , dizziness and or headaches. If exposed seek fresh air immediately and if symptoms of dizziness and headaches prolong visit and emergency room immediately. Watch out for cords on products which can present a potential strangulation hazard.


Choose your selected area for your Glow Sign.

Inspect to make sure your Glow Sign has no leaks, cracks, or breaks.

After inspection plug up your Glow Sign and enjoy!


Orphic Cloud 


Watch out for Light/overheating, possible attraction of Spiders, and electrical problems with cotton. If you notice any electrical issues, cut the Orphic Cloud off immediately.

Follow these steps for your Orphic Cloud.

  1. Position the cloud in a selected area.
  2. Reach into the bottom of the cloud and press the button on the power bank. Make sure  the USB is connected to the power bank or wall adapter. It should already be connected.
  3. For Bluetooth cloud access, download Ledodm which should appear in the app store.You may also use the remote provided.
  4. Make sure your bluetooth connections are on.
  5. Open the app Ledodm.
  6. Click on the top left corner and the device name should appear under manage devices
  7. Once you see the device name the lights should be connected to your device. If problems still occur try steps 3-7 again. If it still persist contact us on our website.
  8. If it worked, enjoy your Orphic Cloud.
  9. Watch out for overheating of lights, which can cause lights to stop working or flicker.
  • Every time the Orphic Cloud is cut off you must press the button on the portable power bank to turn it back on. You can turn it off using your phone or the remote. To avoid this, connect it to an extension cord so that it never needs to be charged and the power bank's button does not have to be pressed to turn it on.
  • Beware of possible bugs as they are attracted to the led wavelengths and cotton. 
  • Take fragile care of cotton. Handle with care.
  • Watch out for cords on products which can present a potential strangulation hazard.

How to Charge Batteries: Depending on usage, the cloud can last 5-10 hours. Take out the portable power bank, open it, and remove the batteries when you need to charge it. Connect the rechargeable batteries to the portable charger. Check to see if it is charging, which the battery charger should display with white when charging and blue when finished. Because the batteries are so powerful, one battery can even light up the Orphic Cloud.

Hanging Your Orphic Cloud:

To hang the Orphic Cloud, you can use any sturdy string. Make sure that the strings are inserted through the holes at the top of the cloud. You can hang the string from a hook or any hook-like adhesive that attaches to the ceiling!


 Place your candle on your selected heat resistance surface. Make sure candle is in an area without drafts and not around any flammable items. Use a match or lighter safely. If lighter is used, turn the candle upside down and light the lighter so that the flame can directly go upwards. When it is lighted, turn it back to normal position to avoid dripping wax. Never leave your candle unattended. Keep candles up and of high reach of children.

Caution: flammable

Keep out of reach of children